I'm an illustrator in Baltimore specializing in beer labels, screen printing, portraits, gig posters, hand lettering, imaginary plant life, and incorporating my dog's name into every song I sing. I graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) with a BFA in Illustration and am currently a tattoo apprentice at Mt. Vernon Body Art. If you like my work enough, I can even put it on your body forever. What a deal. 

You can find prints and other various items for sale at Trohv in Hampden (921 W. 36th St.)

For design inquiries or commissions, contact me at ismonkah@gmail.com. You could also try telepathy, but email is probably faster. 


Adobe Students, Baltimore Magazine, WTMD, The Rat Czar, Union Craft Brewing, The Baltimore Sun, R House, Charm City Fringe, Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts, Mt. Vernon Body Art, Retro Picture Show, Charles Village Pub, Monozine, Ottobar, Baltimore Soundstage, Metro Gallery,  Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company, Bravo | Tip or Pay, Great American Canyon Band, Jared & The Mill, Luna Aura, PopCycle